Wildfire Tree Cleanup & Removal

Every year, there are hundreds of thousands of acres of land affected by wildfires in California. Sadly, wildfires burn down trees, homes, businesses, and more, do irreparable damage to the environment, and even cause injuries and deaths. In recent years, places like Paradise, CA have been decimated by wildfires and left to clean up the damage done to them. Robert Tompkins Tree Service specializes in performing wildfire tree cleanup and has experience working as a forest fire cleanup service.

Our wildfire tree cleanup projects are often massive in size and takes weeks, months, and sometimes even years to complete, depending on the original damage that was done. Robert Tompkins Tree Service has both the experience and the equipment that is necessary to carry out large-scale tree cleanup jobs.

We are always careful to maintain high safety standards when serving as a forest fire cleanup service. We work to protect both our own workers and others in the area when doing wildfire tree cleanup. What’s more, we follow all state rules and regulations regarding tree cleanup and go above and beyond to make sure that trees, wildfire ash, and other debris left in the wake of wildfires are removed quickly and safely.

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