When it’s time to trim your trees, there’s no need to break out your ladder or rent any equipment. Robert Tompkins Tree Service offers tree trimming services in Chico, CA. You can trust us to use the proper equipment to care for your trees, including a chipper and a bucket truck.

Our trained arborists will ensure every branch is trimmed carefully. We use special engineering techniques that allow us to work in small spaces. You can depend on us to trim any size tree. Hire us now to complete the tree trimming at your Chico, CA home or business.

Why should you trim your trees?

Our free evaluations can let you know if it’s time to trim your trees. Tree trimming can:

1. Prolong the life of your tree. | 2. Improve the appearance of your trees. | 3. Protect your property from falling dead branches. | 4. Save your family from injury.

Get in touch with us today to promote healthy trees at your property.