When it’s time to remove a tree, you need to work with professionals who can do the job efficiently and safely. That’s why you need to hire Robert Tompkins Tree Service. We’ve been providing tree removal services in Chico, CA since 2006. You can trust us to pull from years of experience to cut down your tree while minimizing damage to your property.

We’ll remove dead trees and ones that are threatening the safety of your property. Our goal is to leave the community with as many healthy trees as possible, so we’ll only remove trees if there are no other options to save them. Contact us right away for a safe tree removal in Chico, CA.

Is it time to cut down your tree?

There are a number of signs you can look out for to figure out if it would be safer to remove a tree. Ask yourself the following questions:

Are the branches touching your siding? | Are the branches growing into power lines? | Are there weird bumps or fungus on the bark? | Are there defects that can increase the chance of the tree falling?

If you suspect a tree removal may be necessary, call us today for a free evaluation. We also offer 24-hour emergency services.