Tree stumps aren’t just annoying to maneuver around while mowing your lawn. Guests and children can trip over them, leading to potentially serious injuries. Get rid of the stump on your property once and for all by hiring Robert Tompkins Tree Service for stump grinding services in Chico, CA.

Our careful professionals can grind around gas lines and underground utilities. We’ll expose the utilities before we start so we can grind the stump safely. We can also grind stumps within 35 inches of a nearby gate. You can trust our turbo-charged grinders to get the job done efficiently. Get in touch with us today to enhance the safety of your yard by removing stumps.

Additional reasons to remove tree stumps

Besides safety, you should hire us to perform stump grinding services at your Chico, CA yard to:

Improve the look of your yard. | Reduce the chance of new tree growth. | Add more usable space to your yard.

Rely on us to safely remove tree stumps from your property. Call now to schedule an appointment.